Comments are provided for information on each value. However, they are not allowed within the running config.json file.

 // Wallet version
 "version": "(int)",
 // Default wallet to load on boot (only for GUI wallet)
 "wallet": "(string)",
 // Default account to load on boot (only for GUI wallet)
 "account": "(string)",
 "node": {
   // Config version
   "version": "(int)",
   // Default node port
   "peering_port": "7075",
   "bootstrap_fraction_numerator": "1",
   // Enable or disable voting for blocks.
   // Note: if disabled, saves some resources
   "enable_voting": "false",
   // Minimum import receivable, default 1 Rai
   "receive_minimum": "1000000000000000000000000",
   "logging": {
     // Track incoming blocks
     "ledger": "false",
     "ledger_duplicate": "false",
     // Track general network info like forks
     "network": "true",
     "network_message": "false",
      // Track blocks you publish to
     "network_publish": "false",
     // Track packets origin
     "network_packet": "false",
     "network_keepalive": "false",
     "node_lifetime_tracing": "false",
     "insufficient_work": "true",
     // Track RPC your node execute
     "log_rpc": "true",
     // Bootstrap related logging
     "bulk_pull": "false",
     "work_generation_time": "true",
     "log_to_cerr": "false",
     "max_size": "16777216",
     // Size of Log File before rotation in bytes, Default is 4MB
     "rotation_size": "4194304",
     "version": "2",
     "work_peers": "",
     // Track voting activities
     "vote": "false",
     // Setting this to false gives better performance,
     // but may lose entries on crashes.
     "flush": "true"
   // Delegate work to another node
   "work_peers": [],
   // List of defaults peers to connect on boot
   "preconfigured_peers": [
   // List of default representatives
   "preconfigured_representatives": [
   "inactive_supply": "0",
   "password_fanout": "1024",
   "io_threads": "4",
   // PoW work threads
   // Note: By deafault all available CPU threads,
   //       set lower value for 24/7 services
   "work_threads": "4",
   // Callback IP address, in sample IPv4 localhost
   "callback_address": "::ffff:",
    // Callback port
   "callback_port": "17076",
   // Callback target, in sample root of callback listening server
   "callback_target": "/",
   // Multi-connection bootstrap. Should be a power of 2.
   "bootstrap_connections": "16"
 "rpc": {
   // Allowed IP for RPC connection
   "address": "::ffff:",
   // Default RPC port
   "port": "7076",
   // Enable control-permissioned RPC requests
   // Note: RPC Documentation indicates which commands require
   //       enable_control to be set to "true".
   "enable_control": "true",
   "frontier_request_limit": "16384",
   "chain_request_limit": "16384"
 // Enable or disable RPC
 "rpc_enable": "true",
 // Enable GPU work generation
 "opencl_enable": "false",
 "opencl": {
   // Platform ID
   "platform": "0",
   // Device ID
   "device": "0",
   "threads": "1048576"

Default Location







Configuration Options


Used when offloading work generation to another node or service. Calls are made to the ip:port designated using the standard RPC format work_generate

"work_peers": [

Below are a few helpful tips:

  • Format must be ipv6

    • Prefix with ::ffff: if you are using a ipv4 address
  • hostnames are not allowed at this time