The Nano Network achieves consensus using a delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) mechanism. In this setup, representatives (accounts where nano_node with the private keys are running 24/7) vote on the outcome of conflicting transaction.

Below are some helpful things to remember about Nano's representatives and dPoS mechanisms.

  • A representative's voting power is directly proportional to the amount of funds delegated to that account by other users of the protocol.

  • An account's representative has no bearing on its transactions or nano_node operation.

  • Choosing a representative with good uptime that is also a unique entity (to prevent sybil attacks) helps maintain high Nano Network security.

  • If an account's representative goes offline, the account's funds are not used to help secure the network; the account is unaffected.

  • Anyone that runs a full-time Node may be a representative and be delegated stake from other users of the protocol.

  • An account can change its representative anytime.