Desktop Wallet



  • Desktop Wallet v1.0 released through The Nano Wallet Company (7/15/18)

  • Desktop Wallet - out to beta testers

  • Desktop Wallet for all platforms has entered beta


As part of the effort to bring user-friendly, secure wallets to users, the Nano Core team is building a new desktop wallet experience. While all features may not be available at launch, plans include adding the following benefits over time.


  • "Bootstrap" process will be under 30 minutes for most on Desktop, dependent on network bandwidth

  • Friendly user-experience for users of any level

  • A secure experience for sharing accounts across multiple devices

  • QR codes for quickly transferring Nano between accounts

Next Steps

  • Address Book for saving and sending Nano to friends and family

  • HackerOne security audits

  • Multi-account support

  • Nano Name Service


Destop Wallet