Fiat On-Ramp



Fiat on-ramps are now available with base pairs including USD, EUR, GDP, and INR.

Continuing to seek out and add additional gateways to provide easy access to Nano for users across the globe.

Current exchanges can be found here

The Nano Center's article detailing current fiat on-ramps can be found (here)[]


In order to become a truly global currency, obtaining and using Nano must be simple and secure for anyone worldwide

Directly transferring Nano between any currency is critical. Fiat on-ramps (exchanging USD, BRL, EUR, JPY, KRW, etc) must be simple and intuitive for users of any technical level

Nano will continually work with our growing network of partners, vendors, and community to drive this goal forward. Due to the nature of these negotiations, ongoing status of these efforts may be limited


  • Merchants will benefit from the ability to exchange Nano with any fiat currency instantly

  • Users will be less intimidated as the technical barriers are removed and anyone can easily begin using Nano

  • Due to Nano having zero transaction fees, exchange of value between any parties - regardless of transaction size - has the potential to open opportunities for worldwide commerce once it can be obtained by anyone in seconds


  • Fiat on-ramp options are currently limited and often only handle a single fiat currency

  • Legal and regulatory restrictions exist in some regions that must be considered

  • User experience must be held to the highest standard across the entire process. Every party must be held to the highest expectations & compliance.