Hardware Wallets



  • Ledger Nano S integration completed (6/11/18)

  • Jolt Hardware wallet development announced (5/31/18)

  • Ledger Nano S integration enters code review (04/22/18)

  • Awaiting Universal Blocks and other protocol improvements [DONE].

  • Ledger Nano S has continued to make progress through a community effort [DONE]

  • The Ledger team is working on an update to their library to increase the efficiency of the integration [DONE]


Hardware wallets offer users secure offline storage for their digital currencies.

The Nano Team is working with industry leaders to provide multiple hardware storage solutions to the community.


  • Hardware wallets provide the peace of mind and security consumers expect from their currency of choice

  • Investors can store hardware wallets in secure locations like safes and safety deposit boxes, offline, where they can be assured their funds are safe

  • Financial services, institutional investors, vendors, and consumers will all have a secure way to manage & store their funds


  • Solutions must be available to users of every technical level or needs

  • Inexpensive solutions must be made available so that users have a secure way of storing Nano regardless of their total balance