Hardware Wallets



  • Ledger Nano S integration completed (6/11/18)

  • Jolt Hardware wallet development announced (5/31/18)

  • Ledger Nano S integration enters code review (04/22/18)

  • Awaiting Universal Blocks and other protocol improvements [DONE].

  • Ledger Nano S has continued to make progress through a community effort

  • The Ledger team is working on an update to their library to increase the efficiency of the integration


Hardware wallets offer users secure offline storage for their digital currencies.

The Nano Team is working with industry leaders to provide multiple hardware storage solutions to the community.


  • Hardware wallets provide peace of mind and security consumers expect from their currency of choice

  • Investors can store hardware wallets in secure locations like safes and safety deposit boxes, offline, where they can be assured their funds are safe

  • Financial services, institutional investors, vendors, and consumers will all have a secure way to manage & store their funds


  • Solutions must be available to users of every technical level or needs

  • Inexpensive solutions must be made available so that users have a secure way of storing Nano regardless of their total balance