Integration Guides




Decentralized networks must include easy to follow guides in order to successfully integrate the technology. This includes both exchange and node integration, which will be detailed in-depth for best practices setup, and merchant integration to begin accepting Nano as a payment option.

Additionally, nodes should be optimized for ease of use. Users who wish to act as a voting representative will have easy to follow instructions on setting up, operating and maintaining their node.

Integrating with Nano should be quick, painless, and extremely reliable regardless of the users unique needs. Exchanges, merchants, and general users will be provided with solutions for their specific needs.


  • Exchange integration guides will make it easier than ever for exchanges to offer & support the Nano Currency

  • Nano will be able to be listed by an exchange by following the best practices guide for integration. The core team will offer support but it should move to a hands-off approach in the future.

  • Explore a new API similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum for easier exchange integration and maintenance