Merchant Services



  • Merchants have already begun to accept Nano with a variety of exciting solutions available

  • A horizontally scalable cloud infrastructure for merchants, exchanges, and financial service providers enters initial infrastructure prototype review


Nano will continue to work with leading cloud-providers, industry leaders, and top developer talent to deploy the technologies that will allow the Nano Currency to achieve its mission "to become a global currency with instantaneous transactions and zero fees over a secure, decentralized network."

Vendors, exchanges, and other Nano service providers will benefit from turn-key, "plug & pay", horizontally scalable cloud network infrastructure. Nano has brought in some of the best developers in the industry to spearhead and deploy solutions.


  • Vendors will benefit from having instantly useable & scalable architecture to handle any needs they may have

  • Vendors running full-time nodes will act as Representatives, serving as a vehicle to further decentralize the Nano Network

  • Professional support & services may be provided to merchants to make deployment simple and painless

  • Exchanges will also benefit and will be able to utilize these services as a completely scalable backend solution


  • Nano must be able to adapt to any vendor need and use-case. Flexible solutions which are truly "plug & pay" must be available and reliable.

  • Merchants must feel safe using Nano as a currency and believe in the reliability of the network and infrastructure

  • Merchants must have a line of support to aid them in the safe implementation of a system & network that will work for them

  • Extensive review & audit is required to ensure the total security and reliability of the network at every level