Point of Sale



  • Nano "Plug & Pay" Point-of-Sale Platform for vendor & mobile terminals enters alpha testing


Nano's zero-fee & instantaneous transactions provide vendors with huge cost savings over traditional value exchange solutions. Even in our early stage of deployment, Nano has seen an impressive wave of adoption validating the purpose of Nano as a global currency.

Nano's Core Team has been hard at work developing turn-key merchant point-of-sale solutions. A multi-focused approach targeting vendors of every level from mobile to brick-and-mortar will be uniquely catered to.


  • Point-of-Sale provides a gateway to drive increased adoption and acceptance among merchants & service providers globally

  • Partnering with businesses across the world to bring these solutions to our users will greatly increase Nano Currency's visibility to mainstream markets & consumers

  • A truly decentralized, "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) solution for instantaneous P2P Payments without transaction fees for the vendor or consumer


  • Point-of-Sale must integrate with current hardware and terminals on the market today

  • Nano must be accepted by vendors with every budget and need. Whether brick-and-mortar, mobile, or other unique use-cases - Nano must be the simplest choice

  • Nano POS software will be needed to make integrating Nano on any POS terminal simple

  • Standard and secure payment methods must be provided which integrate with todays POS & payment solutions (Hardware Wallets, Mobile Wallets)


Nano "Plug & Pay" Point-of-Sale

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