Security Audit



  • Using the HackerOne platform, a company that employs white-hat hackers, Nano is testing the Nano Protocol, desktop & mobile wallets, and other official Nano services to discover and resolve any security vulnerabilities that may exist. Community contributions will be accepted through HackerOne with more details coming soon.

  • Meeting with multiple candidates for the audit and collecting proposals and ideas on how the candidate would plan to proceed. When chosen, they will be announced publicly.


Network and protocol security is paramount to the continued development of Nano. While Nano is an open-source project that is reviewed daily by engineers, having a professional code audit performed by a team of industry leaders would bring increased trust to the security of the network, the consensus system, and the underlying technology.

Once selected, a comprehensive security audit of the Nano Protocol will be conducted. A report will be provided once the audit has been completed giving the results.


  • Auditor must have significant background in consensus algorithms, cryptography, and computer science