Smart Cards


Smart Card

Smart Cards are pocket-sized cards that have embedded circuits. Essentially, they are computers that are capable of running programs when inserted into any supported terminal. Smart Cards are used widely across the world by major credit card networks, governments and private companies to provide highly secure authentication and authorization.

While often used to authorize a central authority to process a payment on your behalf, they are also capable of signing Nano transactions directly, making them one of the most inexpensive Hardware Wallet solutions available. Secure storage of funds must be available to everyone regardless of their economic status.

A vendor need only run software to implement Nano payments with their current terminals, making it simple for any brick & mortar location to securely accept Nano as a form of payment.


  • Adheres to standards already adopted by industries worldwide

  • Integrates with millions of POS terminals worldwide

  • Proves a convenient and familiar form factor for making payments

  • Provides inexpensive and secure storage of value to everyone

  • Multiple form-factors are available, providing solutions for many use-cases