Universal Blocks



  • Nano Node v11 has been released with Universal Blocks support

  • Canary release proposal under peer review. Initial release is currently planned with the next Nano Node release (v11)

  • Universal Blocks live on the Nano Beta Network

  • Started initial code review on February 28th, 2018


Currently, there are 4 types of blocks in the Nano protocol: send, receive, change and open. Universal Blocks consolidates these types into a single block type.

Once Universal Blocks are implemented, an account’s full state is in one bundle of data, which improves internal bookkeeping. Universal Blocks is a base feature which opens the door to many exciting opportunities.


  • Makes it more efficient to generate transactions from light and hardware wallets

  • Drastically reduces the processing requirement to facilitate Hardware Wallets

  • Allows for more aggressive ledger pruning


  • All protocol functionality must be fit into a single "block"

  • Size of the block must be sufficiently sized and of a fixed length