Vote Distribution



  • Solutions are being discussed by Nano's Contributors and we are actively taking feedback from the community


Decentralization of the Nano Network is a key factor in its ability to be successful in becoming a global currency. It is vital that users are educated about Representatives, as well as being given an easy opportunity to create their own node or assign voting power to a user they trust.

Nano will be truly decentralized when some amount of Representatives exist (amount TBD), each with a minimal amount of voting power. Decentralization is directly proportional to the number of nodes and the average voting power of each node.


  • Distribution must be done in a way that is resistant to Sybil Attacks

  • Distribution must be done in a way that encourages users to actively select trusted representatives

Next Steps

  • Once internal review has been completed, a proposal will be released to the Nano Developer & Contributor community for further review

  • When consensus has been reached, this document will be updated to include information on the selected project(s)